Magic Wood Magic Trees


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Introducing the enchanting Magic Wood Wooden Toy Trees, a delightful set that brings the beauty of summer and winter to your child's small-world play. Crafted from durable hazel, hornbeam, and alder, these four trees come in different shapes and sizes, including two shrubs, an apple tree, and a pine tree. Each tree is a work of art, featuring the natural bark left on the edges, adding a touch of character and texture. These trees are skillfully hand-painted in captivating autumnal colors on both sides. One side showcases lush green leaves with apples, symbolizing the vibrancy of summer, while the other side reveals bare branches laden with snow, capturing the serene charm of winter. Perfectly sized for little hands, these free-standing wooden trees invite your child to create imaginative play scenes with a touch of nature's magic. Whether adorning a nature table, seasonal celebration ring, or combined with other wooden animals and felt elves, these trees offer endless possibilities