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"Roll" those sleeves up for an EPIC sushi party! 🍣🍣 Expand your little one's culinary tastes and skills with this cute and hands-on wooden sushi play set. How to play: -11 different kinds of sushi to wrap n' roll -Velcro seaweed and magnetic sushi toppings to mix + match -Make your own maki rolls with the mini bamboo mats -Serve your sushi on an elegant wooden platter and placemat -Designed in Japan (=authentic as it gets!) Make sure to greet your guests with an enthusiastic "Irashaimase" (いらっしゃいませ = welcome πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ ) for an authentic Japanese sushi shop experience! γ€€ Contents: sushi plate x1 sushi piece x 6 (tuna/ salmon/ egg/ shrimp/ yellowtail/ salmon roe) rolled sushi x 4 hand roll sushi x1, rolling mat wrapping cloth menu sheet [size] : 280 x 115 x 50mm [material] 100% Beechwood, fabric, denim