Huggies - the Cool Girl's Stud

Huggies - the Cool Girl's Stud
Huggies are the latest trend flooding Instagram feeds everywhere. From celebrities to influencers, huggies have become the 'cool girls' stud, and you can rock them too!
If you're asking yourself 'okay, but what exactly is a huggie?' We are here to help! A  huggie like the name suggests, it's a hug for your ear! It is a post-less tiny hoop that hugs the earlobe, which is why it achieves such a seamless finish. With endless styles, there are infinite styling possibilities. While they look great on a second or third hole, a bold gold pair with a star dangle is sure to make a statement.   
Say goodbye to earrings stabbing the back of your ear. Huggies make sleep pain-free due to their seamless nature (the lazy girl's ultimate earring). There are however a few things your need to keep in mind before purchasing your own pair.
1. Huggies are not one-size fits all (we prefer the term one-size fits most). Earlobes comes in all shapes and sizes and since huggies are meant to sit close to or on the lobe, not every huggie size may fit you. 
2. Although huggies are very easier to take care of, they can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. When you put them on, you'll need to click them in to place but be careful of any stretching. The hook must be kept in-line or they'll be at risk of falling out! Don't worry though, if this happens to you, bring them back to us (or your local jeweler) and we'll pop it back in place for you!
Okay, now the fun part! Scroll through our store favorites to find your perfect match!

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Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

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