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The existence of Unicorns was at one time beyond doubt or question. These days, they are simply one of the most beloved fantasy creatures and the subjects of a great deal of modern artwork. In all stories, they are benevolent, gracious creatures. History: Unicorns have their place in both Eastern and Western mythologies. In the West, Unicorns are usually white, with bodies modeled after horses and a long, spiraling horn. They occasionally have features of other animals, such as the hooves of a goat or the tail of a lion. In the East, Unicorns are smaller, the size of a deer, and they often have scales. They could be many colors and could even have more than one horn. Scientific Name: Rinocerotis Characteristics: Have a birthday party for a unicorn lover? These minis can decorate a cake or make fun giveaways. They also work great in fantasy art or in DIY jewelry. Size: These Unicorn Good Luck Minis are about an inch long, a little smaller than a quarter.