Lemon Verbena - Loose Leaf | Herbal Tea | from Malawi

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This Lemon Verbena Tea is smallholder grown made by our partner farm Malawi. The farmers carefully remove the lemon verbena tea leaves individually by hand and then dry them both in the sun and in a controlled micro drier. The leaves are not crushed and kept whole. The infusion is clean and bright with some spicy touches. The taste is bright and intensely of fresh lemon. This tea makes a perfect evening drink as it’s caffeine-free and has a winding down effect. Character: Soothing, Relaxing, Wholesome Ingredients: Loose-leaf Lemon Verbena Cultivation and Certification: Conventional (pesticide-free, with herbicide use) Fair Trade, UTZ+ and Rain Forest Alliance Certified Brewing instructions: Brew one heaped spoonful or 2 grams at 95 C°/203° F for 5 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold.