Kitan Club Mushroom LED Light Blind Box


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LED Mushroom Toys: With 4 different mushroom varieties and 4 Key chains and 4 mini light stand, total 8 variations. It comes with a battery. Our beautiful series is as enchanting as it eye-catching. Each one measures approximately 2" x 2" x 3". Fun and Educational: Who says learning has to be boring? Incredibly realistic and yet still accessible to kids, our mushroom figurines offer a safe, hands-on way to discover nature. From class projects to dioramas, our figurines make school fun and interactive. Surprise Blind Box: When you purchase one of our blind mystery boxes, you receive 1 of our 4 designs, Keychain or mini light stand. Adding fun surprise to every order, you get to unwrap the mystery. Connect with Nature: With our Technicolor Nature line, we want to encourage kids to explore the beauty and marvel of earth. Our plant and animal toys replicate actual colors and appearances of the specimens, triggering a desire to protect them and their habitats.