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Hedgehogs are small, shrew-like mammals whose fur has evolved into tiny spines that protect the hedgehog from predators. If threatened, the hedgehog will curl up into a ball to protect areas without spines: namely its face, feet, and underbelly. History: Hedgehogs are relatively ancient mammals, having changed very little in 15 million years. The word 'Hedgehog' refers to the animal's pig-like nose, and the fact that it's often found in rows of hedges. Hedgehogs are popular pets, but can be difficult to care for and some U.S. states do not allow domesticated Hedgehogs. The most commonly kept species is the White-bellied Hedgehog, which is native to central Africa. Scientific Name:Family Erinaceidae, Subfamily Erinaceinae. Characteristics: These Hedgehog Good Luck Minis may be small, but they're packed with details, from the spiky quills to their tiny feet.

Size: Each Hedgehog Good Luck Mini measures 5/6 of an inch long. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.