Classic pocket card games


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Great for road trips, family get togethers, and fun around the house. Keep everyone entertained and having fun with some of these classic card games!

MEMORY MATCH: For one or more players. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in rows on the table. The first player turns over 2 cards. If the pictures match, the player keeps the cards and tries again for another match. If they do not match the cards are turned over again and the player to the left takes a turn. Each player must try to remember where they have seen cards, so they can use them to make a match. When all of the cards have been matched, players count their pairs. The one with the most wins.

ANIMAL SNAP: Designed for 2 or more players. Players take turns picking up cards from the top of the deck and placing them face up in a separate pile. Whenever a matched pair appears, the first person to shout "ANIMAL SNAP!" takes all the cards in the pile. Keep playing till one person has all the cards. 

HAPPY FAMILIES: For 2 or more players. The cards are shuffled and dealt to each player until the pack is finished. Players look at their cards and decide which cards are needed to make complete families. There are four members of each family. The player to the left of the dealer begins. They can ask any other player for any card they need to make up a family. If the player asked possesses the wanted card they must pass it over. If, however, they do not have the card they must reply “Not at home”. If a player is successful in getting the card he asked for, he continues asking for other cards until he receives the reply “Not at home”. A player must not ask for any character unless he holds at least one member of that family in his hand. The game proceeds in this manner until all the families are completed. The player who holds the greatest number of families wins the game.